Room for 2?

PHOTOS: What’s better than taking a bath? Taking one with Nico Tortorella.

Bath’s are the common denominator of relaxation. Everyone loves a bath. Mobsters, school teachers, dental technicians and heads of state all love a good soak in the tub.

Bubbles are preferable, of course, but bubbles are not necessary to reap the soothing rewards that come with getting horizontal in a shallow pool of still, warm water.

If you’re an expert, you might have an aromatic bath bomb close at hand. You might play soothing sounds from nature — trees rustling, the ocean breaking at the shore. There could be music involved; soft, melodic tones may drift you off into a deep state of relaxation, allowing the stresses of every day life to melt away.

And if you’re really, really fortunate, Younger star Nico Tortorella may be waiting for you in the bath.

Anything is possible.

Take a look:

im clean. i promise. @oliviersimille ?

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Screw the rubber ducky, we’ll take Nico.