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PHOTOS: The World’s Best Nude Beaches, According To You

San Gregorio Beach, San Gregorio, CA

San Gregorio by fabioghgram

“I would cast a vote for San Gregorio nude beach (the gay end, not the straight end)south of San Francisco” says gaym50ish.

“In California, there are several beaches, their popularity has changed but they are still, very Gay, but maybe not as young.” says Queerty reader ronsfo, “San Gregorio, has stories wonderful Gay beach stories.”

Sangregorio beach by gluselaga


Photos by fabioghgramAmy Honey & giuselaga

cap d'adage Beach credit christophe pasqual

Cap D’adge, France 


While not a gay exclusive beach there’s always a significant number of gay naturists sunning themselves on the Cap D’adge beach (it is France, after all). Cap D’adge is situated on the Mediterranean Sea in the Languedoc-Rousillon region of France. The “unofficial” gay section of the bar is just to the right of the beach with families to the left.

Photos by Quentin Glorieux &christophe pasqual

Praia 19 Credit ruivalentim

Credit: ruivalentim