PHOTOS: Wrapped In Patriotism


GRATUITOUS SKIN — There’s a good chance this is what your July 4th resembled this year. Not seen in the shot, of course, are the two hamburgers, three hot dogs, and half dozen empty beers you’ve managed to down while celebrating Independence Day. At Queerty HQ, we’re setting off our own version of firecrackers. Stand clear.

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  • sal(the original)

    who is #5 and #6???

  • WTF

    Nice disrespect on no. 16

  • averageguy40

    There are numerous reasons to stand and salute the flag. All of a sudden I’m feeling extremely patriotic.

  • galefan2004

    @WTF: Yes because turning the flag into clothing and draping it around our bodies is not disrespectful but putting it on the ground is. Number 16 is a hot picture. So is 2.

  • DavidinSeattle

    I’m still waiting for a long time to see a guy hotter than the advertisement showing the UnderGear model in the upper right corner of the home page. Shit oh my!

  • Michael

    #3? Seriously!?

  • Marius

    Is No.14 Reichen and where is Lynda Carter?

  • Puck

    Canada Day was July 1, wheres our cute guy celebration of canadian identity.

  • slingshot

    #2 5 and 13

  • timncguy

    @DavidinSeattle: Really?? Cause the top right corner of the home page is showing Martina Navratilova’s head for me! LOL

  • M Shane

    6 &13 exceptionally hot & 16 (interesting jukstaposition w/flag ) the U.S.has made the flag anything but what Betsy intended. Let’s hope everyone can remember what we once were.

  • galefan2004

    @M Shane: What we once were? You mean a sexist, racist homophobic nation that stole land from the native people and bought and sold slaves. I really think we should be focusing on getting away from what we once were. When Betsy Ross made the flag women couldn’t even legally vote.

  • Raven

    @WTF: Like American Flag butt floss is more appropriate? Giving way to much power to symbols. It’s the people not the flag.

  • alan brickman

    Nobody should put the flag on the ground!..very disrespectful….if you want equal rights you have to respect the rights of others too…

  • Bitch, Please!

    Nothing says freedom of expression like “designing” the flag like a butt-floss so the hustlers, strippers, and the circuit boys can “model” them for our viewing pleasure. Oh my!

  • TANK

    @alan brickman:

    Oh? One should be able to do whatever one wants to do with the flag. Taste, or in this case the absence of taste, is no reason to argue against equal protection under the law.

  • HayYall

    #4 please. Repeatedly.

  • WTF?

    @Raven: I bet you wouldn’t be saying that if that crazy “reverend” from Kansas was using the pride flag as toilet paper and then setting it ablaze. I’m pretty damn certain you would be all up in arms about how disrespectful that is. Of course, you’ll deny this now to keep your point. You’ll say now that it is his freedom of speech, which it may well be, but it is still disrespectful. And I thought the other ones were equally distasteful (for so many reasons, unoriginality among them), but it was #16 that was really offensive. For so many of you, I think, who spout your mouths off about DADT repeal, it’s all academic. You don’t have a clue what it is your saying it all for. There are a great many people who, while recognizing the many faults, happen to truly love and respect the United States of America. Just show a little respect is all. It’s like even if you’re not a Christian, you don’t go piss in the mouth of the Baby Jesus in the Nativity scene at Christmas. It’s in bad taste (no pun intended).

  • sal(the original)

    @BrianZ: awww THANKZ!!!!!:)

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