PHOTOS: “X-Men” Star Ben Hardy Goes Full-Frontal — For Art, Of Course

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Next year, film audiences the world over will be introduced to British EastEnders actor Ben Hardy as “Angel” in X-Men: Apocalypse, but one excited theater-goer has us prematurely excited.


Photos of the gorgeous 24-year-old performer naked on stage during a production of Judas Kiss have circulated on Tumblr.


They’re a little blurry (our hand would be shaking too), but they clearly show Hardy looks as good out of his clothes as he does in them.

Head to OMG Blog (link NSFW) to see the pics.

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  • Masc Pride

    Kiddie porn.

  • Stache

    I’ll bet he’s been on the Brian Singer couch a few times already.

  • sportsguy1983

    I’ve seen his acting on “EastEnders” and he was definitely not picked for this X-Men role because of it. Pretty to look at though.

  • moldisdelicious

    He looks underaged.

  • moldisdelicious


    You got that right.

  • redcarpet30

    @Stache: I was thinking the exact same thing. Oh, but wait, he’s bi now and has a kid so that cancels out his twink fetish party orgies. /sarcasm

  • Justin Peacock

    Where do you get tickets???

  • Sweetie Pie

    I need a magnifier…

  • crowebobby

    @Masc Pride: Asinine comment.

  • StuBur

    @moldisdelicious: He is 24 FFS.. get your eyes tested

  • StuBur

    @Masc Pride: He is 24

  • Lestar

    It is a flaccid penis. Why go crazy over that?

  • stranded

    More impressed with dat ass

  • Hussain-TheCanadian

    @stranded: LOOOOOOL My thoughts exactly.

  • SportGuy

    @Masc Pride: Very true! Gross. The pedos will love it though.

  • Patrick de Raaff

    Anything goes as long as it’s art, of course. ???

  • Josh in OR

    ARGH! He doesn’t have more hair on his back than he has on his head! That makes him pre-pubescent, y’all! DON’T YOU SEE!? Without a thick coating of fur, how can we tell who’s legal and who isn’t? Best to just facetiously pretend that an attractive guy isn’t attractive than to accidentally lust over someone who isn’t in their 40’s!

    REAL men are in their forties and fifties and have the thick, luxurious pelt of a Silverback Gorilla, not this…this ABOMINATION of smooth, lean muscle and a rather nice set of genitals that, taken all together, clearly mark this UGLY NOBODY as well past pubescence! THAT’S NOT MANLY! I ARBITRARILY DECLARE IT SO, and if you disagree with me, then I’ll call you the worst thing one gay man can call another: PEDOPHILES!!!!!!!

    *Gets down off the sarcasm box and flips a bird to the idiots who prefer being terrified-to-be-thought-of-as-gay, ‘straight-acting’, judgemental pricks to being healthy, adult, gay men.*

    Ah well, what can you expect from anyone who’d willingly vote against their own self interest in the name of greed and xenophobia? Self-loathing and exaggeratedly toxic ‘masculinity’ comes with the package. Meanwhile, I’ll enjoy looking at a gorgeous young man in his twenties without a hint of guilt.

  • Guy068

    I think I’d read ninety percent fewer Queerty articles if I didn’t go to the ones like this one…

  • Captain Obvious

    Time to swoon over twinks who look 12 again. Quick someone call the creepers so they can get excited.

  • Hussain-TheCanadian

    @Captain Obvious: Is it bad to lust after twinks? Especially straight ones who are taking off their clothes to “model”??

    Doesn’t it kind of give us the power and dominance when we can say: “I can hit that?”

    What do you think?

  • alphacentauri

    @Stache: Don’t forget Gus Van Zandt who is also a chicken hawk.

  • broadshoulder

    Its Peter Beale! What would I an Beale say..?

  • sprocket

    That’s a man. That’s a young man but a man. Heterosexual men oggle 24 year old women all the time and they get congratulated for it. It’s a sign of male virility to be attracted to younger people. Homophobes regularly like to point out that gay men are pedophiles.

    If you think being attracted to a men this young is pedophilia, you’re part of the problem.

    • Stache

      @sprocket: By that logic pediphiles are the most virile men around.

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