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PHOTOS: Youth Empowered To Act Protests Chick-Fil-A Grand Opening

In the early morning hours yesterday, a group of young LGBT advocates stood bleary-eyed but steadfast outside the new Chick-fil-A in Laguna Hills, California, letting people know there were better options (even if those chicken sandwiches are as good as people tell us they are). The teens, members of Youth Empowered To Act (YETA) distributed fliers informing potential customers of Chick-fil-a’s links to anti-gay organizations and the company’s stance against marriage equality.

“Family, friends and teachers support who I am and they don’t want to support a company that donates millions to groups working to make life harder for me as well as young adults like me,” said YETA member Justin Mccoy, 20.

Want to get involved in the movement against the prejudiced poultry purveyor? You can find out about the Chick-fil-A Same-Sex Kiss Day and other events on GLAAD’s Chick-fil-A action page.

Click through for more images from the Laguna Hills Chick-fil-A demonstration

Photos: GLAAD


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  • Daez

    Colin must be asleep. Shouldn’t he be here whining about how these kids are exploiting themselves by taking a stand for their rights.

    I applaud these brave actions.


    For all of you bloody Christian, Non compos mentis who think the Bible, talk to you!? you are WRONG!. The Bible, talking to human.

  • RedMan

    @KARUADAM: Dude, take your meds. Now.

  • stoopid louie

    I may be stoopid . . . but this is REALLY stupid. If you don’t like this company, don’t buy their product, but marching outside a restaurant because of the owner’s personal beliefs is as ludicrous as a bunch of evangelicals marching outside MSNBC (how much good would that do? None). If you think you’re going to change the man’s position, you’re hopelessly arrogant in your own sense of empowerment. And in the end, who do you think comes across as more noble? The COO who stands by his convictions, or the reactionaries who scream in his face that he should see things their way?

  • Daez

    Really, should Rosa Parks just of sat quietly in the rear of the bus as well? Do some research. EVERY single advance in civil rights has come from some sort of reactionary tactic. I have no problem with Christians protesting MSNBC. Hell, I encourage it, but in the end it is the people that have to make up their own minds. If people still choose to eat at Chick-Fil-A after knowing what type of viral scum they are then by all means let them, but it should be our obligation to make sure the people know what type of ownership owns this company. This protest is designed to call attention to bigotry, nothing more nothing less.

    Its not like they are Fred Phelps et. al. and are out there with signs claiming God Hates Chicken and Chick-Fil-A is going to hell.

  • kajalmallik

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  • jj

    @stoopid louie: Part of operating in a capitalist society is being aware of market forces. Cathy has pissed off a certain segment of the market, and he is now feeling the force of the backlash. He has a right to his opinions and the protesters have a right to theirs. The protesters are raising awareness about a particular company’s activities which they feel are objectionable. It’s a private company, so in this case the CEO’s support of hate groups like the AFA is relevant–the money made by him from his business goes right to supporting the anti-gay groups. He won’t change his views because of this, but it will hopefully stop people who don’t share his views from inadvertently supporting his chosen anti-gay causes by buying his products.

  • Chuck

    @stoopid louie: Your name suits you.

    What these kids are doing is promoting awareness about the stance of Chik-Fil-A. I doubt their ultimate goal is to change the mind of the COO, but at the very least, they are informing those who may be likely to refrain from eating at Chik if they knew about the company’s stance, AND the fact that the company donates millions to anti-gay organizations.

  • Charli

    Proud proud proud of these kids!!’ they are doing more than the gay adults that have a lot more to lose. What is it 1500 or more rights stolen from us because of this asshats ” views” that help steal our rights and freedoms!!!
    Wake up sisters and brothers, this is how civil rights are WON!!!!!

  • cam

    @stoopid louie:

    Nice try troll.

    Nobody is protesting because of the owners “Beliefs”. They are protesting because company profits in the millions are being spent with the sole aim of stripping away the rights of gays.

    I love how all you right wingers try to hide behind the B.S. line of “Gee, it’s just an opinion.” When in fact, Chick Fill-et declared a massive financially supported war on the gay community.

    Sucks for them that in a capitalist society gays are perfectly able to publicize Chick Fill et’s well funded bigotry and allow the public to make the decision.

    Target already backed down and changed it’s policies, The CEO should have learned from that example that bigotry can cost you money.

  • stoopid louie

    @cam: I may be stoopid but . . . a “massive financially supported war on the gay community”? Really? You’re that paranoid? Not sure if I should be laughing at you or feeling sorry for you.

  • Drew

    This is completely pontless and a waste of time.

  • Dixie Rect

    @Daez: This is brave? In what way?

  • Marjorie 0120


    As hard as the left has dug, there is no evidence that this company has discriminated against any group of people gay or straight, whether in hiring pratices or in service. They did not condemn homosexuality or say that gays are going to hell. All that was stated was that according to his/her Christian beliefs marriage is between a man and a woman, not a same sex couple. So what are these people being punished for?

    Just having an opinion that differs from yours, that’s about what it amounts to. Is freedom of speech only applicable if you agree with what is being said. If people become afraid to speak their minds even about issues you don’t like, what happens if the tables are turned and you become the one who is frightened to speak. I hope this does not happen to any group of people be they Christian or atheist.

  • skeloric

    Chick-fil-a supports terrorist organizations like the “National Organization for Marriage” (NOM), the “American Family Association” (AFA), and the “One Million Moms” (OMM).
    As such, it is very damn vital to hold them accountable.

  • Billysees

    @Marjorie 0120: No 14

    You make an intelligent point.

  • Billysees

    And I applaud the protestors signs and their attitude to become involved.

  • DJ

    The Chic-Fil-A stores are all owned by franchisees. I don’t eat there because I don’t care for fast food, but I can’t see penalizing the people who own these franchises along with their employees just because the president of the franchisor is a religious asshole.

    But of course the nasty queen contingent always looks for blood from anyone they can get their hands on, whether they’re innocent or guilty, whenever someone else dares to speak out against us.

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