Victory cake

PHOTOS: Zakar twins promised free OnlyFans-style content if Biden won. Well, he won.

Zakar Twins | Instagram

We’re not sure if #ButtsOutForBiden will or even should be a thing, but it’s our patriotic duty to inform you that there’s some cake being served at the virtual Biden victory party. Pace yourselves!

First comedian Zach Noe Towers promised some moons over my hammy if Biden bested Trump, which he produced true to word.

Then the Zakar Twins showed their political chops, committing to even more if Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez ascends to higher office.

“Will post nudes if (when?) Trump loses,” they wrote on November 3:

And by November 7 they were on the hook. It’s not a good time to flip-flop.

“Alright alright, a deals a deal,” they wrote on Sunday. “Butts out for Biden! You want full-frontal? Wait for AOC to take office.”

Here they are holding up their end of the bargain.

And here’s some more just because:

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Here to distract you from the dreadful debate.

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Made in America ?? Manufactured in Baghdad ??

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