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  • christopher di spirito

    Photoshopped? Really? I realize Madge is a sacred cow among many gay men but these pics look like her to me.

  • dvlaries

    Wake me up when the Jake Gyllenhaal’s show up…

  • Chateaudebelves

    Looks pretty real to me. She’s fifty-something, for god’s sake.

  • 12345deviant

    This wouldn’t be Madge’s first nudes. ‘Sex’ book anyone? Or Playboy in the 80s?
    Or Vanity Fair in the 90s? Pretty OLD news.

  • afrolito

    The pics are real. They’re behind the scenes shots of her before a photoshoot with Steven Klein 3 years ago, in Rio. Besides that hideous wig, and unflattering lighting, she looks amazing. She has the body and tits of a 25 year old athlete. Still, she must be pissed..

    I’m just perplexed that she would allow him or his crew to snap her in such and unguarded, and candid way. I’m sure heads will roll for this. Lol

  • Pip

    her legs look crazy

  • richardporter

    Helga, an eastern european steroid abusing ex gymnast – or Madonna?

  • BubbasBack

    Is this Hedda Lettuce? Burp.

  • Catmann

    Im not a huge Madonna fan but good grief girls, cut her some slack -she’s not 25 anymore. And actually some 25 year old women would kill to be that ripped!

  • Al

    These aren’t photoshopped. Daniel Villarreal needs to be fired for posting such rubbish. Mr. Villarreal, are you ever not going to lie, and do research for once? You are unbelievably lazy.

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