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Picnicking Pastor and Boyfriend Almost Karate Kicked Their Way Out of Gunpoint Robbery

The Rev. Josh Noblitt (pictured), of Saint Mark United Methodist Church in Atlanta, and his partner Trent were enjoying a picnic dinner in Piedmont Park when a trio of men approached them, asked if they were gay, said they should beat the pair for it, and soon returned with a stick. That’s when things quickly got awesome — and then quickly less awesome.

It seemed like Josh and Trent would be able to fend off their attackers, GA Voice notes.

The three youths walked off but returned later with one of them carrying a large stick, Noblitt said. “He started wielding the stick and they were demanding money,” Noblitt said. Noblitt said he was able to grab the stick from his assailant and hit him over the head with it. He said his partner, who knows karate, kicked the others in the face. “We fought back against those three,” Noblitt said.

Except not.

When Noblitt called 911 to report he and his partner were being attacked, one of the three young men allegedly called someone and between eight to 10 others showed up quickly on bicycles and surrounded the two men. “They came out of nowhere,” Noblitt said. One of the men who rode up on his bike had a handgun. He put the gun to Noblitt’s temple, demanding money, Noblitt said. “I told him everything you want is on the blanket,” Noblitt said. The assailants allegedly took Noblitt’s wallet, phone, keys and his partner’s phone and ran off.

And, what’s this? The Atlanta Police Department responded quickly (nabbing six suspects) and respectfully (read: didn’t dismiss the pair as some fags lookiing for trouble)? Maybe the aftermath of the Atlanta Eagle bar raid has brought peace between the city police and the gays!

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    Pathetic vile little loser scumbag punks…….Big and brave until they get the shit kicked out of them by a pair of Gays. Then its time to cry like a bitch and plead for the coward calvary to come to the rescue with a handgun…………

  • Tallskin

    What more gang news?

  • Jeremy

    Who’s the sissy now?

  • Snottyboy

    why is a priest wearing a rosary?

  • FanOfThat

    Atlanta African-Americans sure don’t like gays.

  • Terry

    That’s not a rosary.

  • You're Clueless

    There is NO PEACE between Atlanta gays and the Atlanta police, who have STILL not apologized for the Eagle raid. The police dept day liaison wasn’t even notified of this anti-gay hate crime until days later, when reporters starting questioning them. Check with the ProjectQAtlanta blog or the Southern voice if you really want to cover the fight between Atlanta cops and gays in a truthful way, or contact the people at, but don’t go easy on the cops because they do not deserve it.

  • Cam

    If he wasn’t a reverend they would have let the kids go I’m betting.

  • adman

    @Mykelb: Agreed, next time cap one or two in the skull, see if they still want some then. Many people these days only understand mutual disrespect and the escalation of violence. They learn it everywhere, TV, Church, etc. F ’em.

  • Yet Another


    Without even getting terribly defensive, where in the article did it say the men were Black? Maybe I just missed it.

    Additionally, “Atlanta Blacks” host one of the largest black prides in the country. Just, FYI.

  • Hilarious

    @Yet Another: Thank you.

    @FanOfThat: The fact that you’re an ignorant bigot aside, it should’ve dawned on you that Atlanta is a majority black city, with a large population of black gay men. Atlanta is one of the most gay friendly cities in the country, jackass. Take your bigoted comment and shove it right up your tight little untouched ass.

    Don’t talk shit about Atlanta, especially since it’s very clear you don’t even live here.

    Straight people and gay people mix and mingle all over the same areas here. You don’t know a damned thing about this city.

  • Adam

    Methodist ministers are not called “priests,” btw.

  • GimmeABreak

    Calling 911 is not a self defense plan. Gays should be armed and shoot these people because those people have no problem shooting gays. Right wing whack jobs shouldn’t be the only ones with guns.

  • Bill

    I can not wait until this happens to me one day.

    Me and my Glock 9mm, that is.

    I do not understand why any LGTB person would leave the house without some sort of protection.

    It’s not like the breeder boys would EVER step up for a fair fight. It’s always a group of their buddies with baseball bats and broken bottles. Never man enough to go one on one in a real fight. Pussies.

    Seriously, I look forward to the day…

  • Griff

    Are we sure there was a racial element to the crime? Also, I don’t think that gay people having a reputation for being armed will help us because that just means other people will try to resort to gunplay before we do.

  • Cam

    @Griff: said…
    I don’t think that gay people having a reputation for being armed will help us because that just means other people will try to resort to gunplay before we do.

    Carjackings in New Orleans dropped to zero when the city announced that anybody who shot somebody trying to car jack them would not be considered fro prosecution. Criminals aren’t LOOKING for gunplay, they are looking for easy targets.

  • Tricky

    Yes the thugs were Black, but I agree with Hilarious, It is more likely that if you live in Atlanta, you will be victimized by a Black person, Blacks are the Majority. That does not excuse what happened and the teens involved should be charged as adults, otherwise they will learn nothing. There was allegedly only one adult involved. Now having said that, in the last few weeks there has been a crime spree of sorts in the Park. (Piedmont park). Knowing this, I think it is totally unacceptable not to have a stronger police presence in the area. I am Black, straight appearing and would not feel safe in the park without carrying a “piece” of mind.

  • Ricky

    @PLAYS WELL WITH OTHERS: my thoughts: if you need a posse to back you up, then you are a pussy because you obviously aren’t strong enough to fight on your own! Pathetic little twerps… hope Karma gets to have a whack… or ten… at ’em!

  • Mark

    @Terry: @Snottyboy: he’s not a priest number one, a minister and one does not wear a rosary –

  • Mark

    @Terry: @Snottyboy: he’s not a priest number one, a minister, and one does not wear a rosary –

  • FanOfThat

    You ARE hilarious. These attackers were Black. The police who raided the Eagle were Black. Atlanta African-Americans are not gay-friendly, and they’re frequently racists too. Not EVERY ONE, of course, but too much of a percentage.

  • Robert

    Just to inform you guys the victim in the other half of this crime is black.

  • Roger

    @FanOfThat: You know, you’d probably do better off just shutting the hell up right now. But since you mentioned “too much of a percentage,” you’ve implied that you have some sort of statistical evidence to back up your asinine arguments. If you have some statistical evidence to support your claim that “Atlanta African Americans are not gay friendly, and they’re frequently racists too,” I’d LOVE to see it.

    In the meantime, sit over there in that corner and shut up.

  • menlo

    kudos for fighting back but get a handgun permit 4 next time

  • jeffree

    Every LGBT k/i/d or adult should get enrolled in self-defense classes. There are bullies out there just looking to pick fighhts. Or worse.

    As a semi-rural person, I was trained very early on about guns & safe use. Grow up as a POC in k/k/k territory like i did and youre fooolish not to be prepared.

    i realize many people are opposed to firearms, so if that’s you, get WELL trained in disarming an opponent with your words, your body or whatever is handy.

    i’m at heart a pacifist, but believe in preparing for the worst while hoping for the best.

  • merkin

    Im not sure what denominaton this minister is in, but if its for people giving a whoop-down in self-defense instead of some turn-the-other-cheek pacifist bullcrap, its okay in my book!

  • Rob Moore

    @FanOfThat: He is also not a priest. The Methodist Church is Protestant and like most Protestant denominations does not have priests although unlike a lot of Protestant Churches, it actually requires its ministers to undergo years of study before they begin pontificating.

  • Rob Moore

    @menlo: Piedmont Park is in Atlanta, Georgia. In Georgia, you can pretty much carry a bazooka under your coat even in the public parts of the world’s busiest airport. No one can implant a chip in your body, but anyone can carry a gun. You know how it is in a metropolitan area of 4.5 million; you never know when you might have to shoot an opossum for supper.

  • Jaroslaw

    #27 Merkin – I don’t think turn the other cheek means to let yourself get killed. Self defense is perfectly legit in the vast majority of the world’s religions. In the part of the world Jesus walked in, people tried to get even constantly for things “your sister’s cousin did to my sister’s cousin etc.” Or even just plain getting even one on one. Unless the world wants to be at war 24 hours a day, veangence has to stop somehwere. I believe it was that sort of thing Jesus was referring to.

    PS – last I heard the UMC was not in favor of samesex anything, how does this guy get to be a Deacon?

  • Steve Baker

    Let me help you with that by copying and pasting the FIRST LINE of the article: “The Rev. Josh Noblitt (pictured), of Saint Mark United Methodist Church” Hmmmmm let me take a wild guess here – Methodist?
    His bio says he belongs to an organization which opposes the death penalty and that is the nature of his special ministry. It’s unlikely he’s going to carry a firearm but his partner’s Karate appears to have been pretty effective.

  • Steve Baker

    Sorry, post 31 was meant as a reply to #27

  • Jeremy

    Just so everyone is aware…the United Methodist Church welcomes anyone of any sexual orientation but it does not ordain openly, active, professing homosexuals. Therefore, Rev. Noblitt may have to appear before the UM Church’s Judicial body for violating the vows he took at his ordination to uphold the church’s doctrine.

  • Jaroslaw

    #33 I mentioned that in number #30 Jeremy…not worded as well as you but I did bring it up.

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