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Picnicking Pastor and Boyfriend Almost Karate Kicked Their Way Out of Gunpoint Robbery

The Rev. Josh Noblitt (pictured), of Saint Mark United Methodist Church in Atlanta, and his partner Trent were enjoying a picnic dinner in Piedmont Park when a trio of men approached them, asked if they were gay, said they should beat the pair for it, and soon returned with a stick. That’s when things quickly got awesome — and then quickly less awesome.

It seemed like Josh and Trent would be able to fend off their attackers, GA Voice notes.

The three youths walked off but returned later with one of them carrying a large stick, Noblitt said. “He started wielding the stick and they were demanding money,” Noblitt said. Noblitt said he was able to grab the stick from his assailant and hit him over the head with it. He said his partner, who knows karate, kicked the others in the face. “We fought back against those three,” Noblitt said.

Except not.

When Noblitt called 911 to report he and his partner were being attacked, one of the three young men allegedly called someone and between eight to 10 others showed up quickly on bicycles and surrounded the two men. “They came out of nowhere,” Noblitt said. One of the men who rode up on his bike had a handgun. He put the gun to Noblitt’s temple, demanding money, Noblitt said. “I told him everything you want is on the blanket,” Noblitt said. The assailants allegedly took Noblitt’s wallet, phone, keys and his partner’s phone and ran off.

And, what’s this? The Atlanta Police Department responded quickly (nabbing six suspects) and respectfully (read: didn’t dismiss the pair as some fags lookiing for trouble)? Maybe the aftermath of the Atlanta Eagle bar raid has brought peace between the city police and the gays!