Friendly skies

Pilot uses Grindr to hit on passenger mid-flight, says he hopes to give him an enjoyable ride

It was like a scene out of a very good or a very bad gay adult film. We’ll let you decide…

27-year-old JP Thorn says he was recently flying Delta from St. Paul, Minnesota, to Chicago. Moments after the plane landed, he turned on his cellphone to find he had a new notification on Grindr.

“I see you’re on my flight,” the message read. “Enjoy the ride to Chicago.”

The app said the man was 90 feet away. Immediately, Thorn went into panic mode.

A person wearing a costume

“My reaction was I knew I needed to get off this plane as fast as I can,” Thorn tells the NY Post. “I’ve had some weird experiences with proximity stuff on Grindr.”

That’s when Thorn noticed the message was sent 30 minutes earlier, during the middle of the 90-minute trip. And the man’s profile pic was a photo of the sky taken from a plane cockpit.

“My deductive reasoning led me to believe that he was the pilot,” Thorn says. “I messaged him back and he told me that he was one of the pilots.”

“He asked me about our flight, how it was on the way, and [the conversation] was really standard,” Thorn recalls. “I said there was no turbulence, then he made a joke about turbulence.”

Thorn says he would have met up with the handsome aviator, who he describes as “a nice guy”, but he had to catch a connecting flight to Nashville. He has since deleted the app and lost touch with him.

“I meet up with people all the time from Grindr,” Thorn says. “I think I totally would have met him for coffee.”

Coffee. Riiiight.

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