Pink Is The New Mariah


It seems Trent over at Pink is the New Blog has pulled a Mariah Carey on us and needs to be hospitalized for exhaustion or something like that. Girl, get it together.

While we hope he is ok and that he returns soon, since we love his blog more than you know, we also cannot help but be fascinated when bloggers do go through emotional crisis and share that with the world. Why would you do that?

Maybe we just come from a different time in blogging, a time when bloggers did not fly across the country or get cover stories written about them or get TV gigs. And maybe we just don’t know the pressures that go along with blogging these days. Our editor, the Janice Dickinson of gay blogs, never walked away from his blog. He always thought of the fans first. Any self-respecting public figure does.

We remember when Trent had like 10 readers. Now he has like 8 million or something ridiculous like that. Think of your fans Trent. You cannot let them down. Besides, you are the first blogger to have been noticed by Madonna. And even we are so jealous of that.

Take your meds, snap out of it, and get back to work. We won’t take no for an answer.