Pioneering Gay Author Edmund White Suffers Stroke

Towleroad is reporting gay novelist Edmund White (A Boy’s Own Story, The Beautiful Room is Empty, Jack Holmes and his Friend) suffered a stroke earlier this month.

White discussed his condition via a Facebook post dictated to his longtime partner, Michael Carroll.

A word from Ed and me:

Forgive my neglect in reporting on Ed. Ed’s condition is more serious than before but his improvement is remarkable on a daily basis. I’m busy but not as busy as the first time around since he’s in an excellent facility getting great care and being forced through a great number of daily therapies.

He can now raise his right arm fluidly and unhaltingly and his speech is more and more articulate. I’m grateful that it occurred in the hospital, though I do believe they dawdled a bit in getting him stroke-specific treatment. More on that later.

Ed says, “I’m already reviewing a book and thinking about completing my memoir. I’m 2/3 through and hope to finish it in November, even if I have to dictate to Michael Carroll.”

xo MC & EW

This is White’s second stroke. He spoke to the Guardian of his first, which took place last Thanksgiving:

“When I had this stroke, I kept saying to a friend of mine, oh there’s nothing wrong. But I couldn’t get the words out. Luckily they called an ambulance. I was a master at denial. I still am. I keep saying, oh there’s nothing wrong. But my sister was here and said, you’re different. You’re having trouble talking. There’s less excitement in my personality than there used to be.”

We wish Ed a speedy recovery.

Photo: David Shankbone

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