Pittsburgh Pride

Pittsburgh Mayor Plans To Officiate Mass Same-Sex Wedding During Pride Festivities


Now that the gay marriage ban has been struck down in Pennsylvania, the mayor of Pittsburgh is showing his support for marriage equality by officiating a mass same-sex wedding during that city’s 2014 pride festivities.

In a statement released on Tuesday, Pittsburgh mayor Bill Peduto shared his excitement about marriage equality in his state. In his words, he’s not only “thrilled” about the prospect of being able to perform same-sex weddings, but seems fairly eager to do as many of them as possible at once.

Peduto plans to marry multiple gay couples as a part of Pittsburgh’s PrideFest because “being able to share that moment with many others should make for an even more joyous celebration.”

Well done, Mayor Peduto.

While it may not reach the levels of Queen Latifah’s gay marriage Grammy moment, Peduto plans to marry up to 20 couples in downtown Pittsburgh on June 15th.

It will definitely be a joyous occasion for those getting married and a source of unyielding pressure for those of us that are still very, very single.