Pixar releases adorable, gay-themed short movie ahead of Pride month

A still from Pixar-produced movie, Out
A still from Pixar-produced movie, Out (Photo: Disney+)

Pixar today released a queer-themed short animation on streaming service Disney+. Entitled Out, it’s part of Pixar’s SparkShorts series.

In the super-sweet, nine-minute movie, a man, Greg, frets about how to inform his parents he has a boyfriend. In a trailer released yesterday to social media, he’s seen looking a framed photo of him and his partner, named Manuel.

“Just look them in the eye and say ‘Mom, Dad, I’m…’” he says to himself, by way of a pep talk. Just then, the doorbell rings: Mom and dad have arrived, and Greg realizes he’s still holding the photo of himself and Manuel, which he – and his dog – tries to hide.

Greg’s parents have turned up to help him move into his new apartment, leading to a couple of incidents where he has to frantically hide some items that reveal his sexuality – including a calendar of hunky men!

Greg is surprised by his parents turning up to help him move into his new home
Greg is surprised by his parents turning up to help him move into his new home (Photo: Disney+)

The movie claims it’s ‘Based on a true story’, but given some of the more …erm, fantastical elements of the plot, we’re not entirely sure how true that is! However, without giving away further spoilers, it’s an adorable little animation that’s genuinely rather moving.

Out was written and directed by Steven Clay Hunter.

The trailers have prompted many comments on Disney+’s social media channels, with many applauding the streamer for featuring some LGBTQ representation.

Predictably, some are less happy. “Kids don’t need to see these sinful things,” said one commentator on Instagram. Expect pressure group One Million Moms to call for a boycott imminently!


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The SparkShorts series launched last year. They’re typically nine-minute films, created over a six-month time period with a limited budget. They allow new animators and creators to create “experimental storytelling” for the animation giant.

There have already been around half a dozen SparkShorts, with the first couple airing on Pixar’s YouTube channel, before switching to Disney+. Pixar is a subsidiary of Disney.

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The streamer launched last November and announced earlier this month it had already picked up 54million subscribers worldwide – an impressive figure after just six months. Netflix, which began streaming in 2007, has 183million worldwide.

Earlier this year, Disney+ faced some criticism after it was revealed it was placing its Love, Simon TV sequel, entitled Love, Victor, on its sister streaming service, Hulu.

Although being initially commissioned by Disney, industry insiders believe Disney executives felt the series, which features teens exploring their sexuality, marital issues and alcohol use, was more suited to Hulu. Some LGBTQ commentators took exception to Love, Victor being deemed not family-friendly enough for Disney+.

Love, Victor is set to debut on Hulu on June 19, 2020. Out is on Disney+ now.

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