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Planet Fitness CEO has been quietly funding antigay politicians, including Trump, for years

Another day, another reason to switch up the old gym membership…

Recently obtained documents from the Federal Securities and Exchange Commission reveal that Planet Fitness CEO Chris Rondeau has been secretly funding antigay politicians for the past several years, Nico Lang at Out reports.

In 2016, Rondeau donated $1,200 to Donald Trump‘s 2016 campaign. The donation was made in the same month Trump invited Russia to interfere in the election, July of 2016.

Rondeau also gave money to the 2018 Congressional campaign of former New Hampshire State Senator Andy Sanborn, who happens to be a major homophobe.

Not only did Sanborn oppose a bill banning gay conversion therapy in New Hampshire, but he voted against updating the state’s existing civil rights laws to ban discrimination on the basis of gender identity when it comes to housing and employment.

As a company, Planet Fitness has long espoused a commitment to equality and the queer community, deeming itself a “judgment-free zone” and offering transgender members the freedom to use the locker rooms which correspond to their gender.

Rondeau’s donations, however modest, undermine that characterization, as Donald Trump has targeted LGBTQ Americans for discrimination on numerous occasions.

Rondeau has yet to donate to Trump’s 2020 Reelection Campaign.

Rondeau becomes the latest in a series of gym CEO’s to come under fire for donations to Trump. Earlier this year, Stephen Ross, owner of Equinox, faced criticism for donating $13 million to the Trump campaign. The revelation brought an onslaught of public outcry and prompted scores of gym members to cancel their memberships.

Cue the Planet Fitness outrage in 3… 2… 1…

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h/t: Out