Play Spreads Outrageous AIDS Myth

Alright, we know some social conservatives are absolute loons, but this story’s almost too much!

North Carolina-based C3 Entertainment will this month produce a play asserting people can not only pray the gay away, but also AIDS! Sure, it’s fiction, but C3’s founders believe its based in fact.

C3 Entertainment’s management, the Rev. Chad Everette Cooper and his wife Alicia Robinson Cooper, also describe the play as portraying “the church as the best institution in the world for complete healing and deliverance.”

In a February interview with “Praise the Lord,” a program aired on Evangelical Christian broadcasting network TBN, the Coopers described homosexuality as a condition in need of a cure. They also related the story of an associate pastor who was “healed” from homosexuality and AIDS.

Cooper told the TBN audience that Kofi Hemingway “was living a homosexual lifestyle 10 years ago. He gives his testimony at the end of the play about how he was so engulfed in this lifestyle that all of his partners died of AIDS.”

Cooper further described how God cured Hemingway’s HIV/AIDS infection.

“He was dying of AIDS,” Cooper declared. He added that after three days of prayer and fasting Hemingway “began to pick up his weight and the sores began to dry up and he went and took the test again and he’s AIDS free.”

Hemingway told Q-Notes that he truly believes he was cured of HIV/AIDS. However, when questioned further, he admitted that he had never taken an HIV test prior to his “healing.”

You see, Hemingway only thought he had HIV/AIDS, because he was getting thinner and his glands were swollen and had been sexually involved with positive people. It is our opinion – and we’re sure several million people would agree – that Hemingway never had HIV and was not cured by God. But, you know, that’s just a hunch.