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Playgirl “wouldn’t turn away Levi if he had a small penis” … Frank Bruni To TV?

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Playgirl consultant Daniel Nardicio on Levi Johnston’s shoot: “I don’t think it’s appropriate [to ask about penis size]. I ask models [for a look], but they’re not famous. When they’re famous, I’m not going to worry about it. We wouldn’t turn away Levi if he had a small penis.” Also: Johnston has yet to sign the contract.

→ The Daily Mail‘s Jan Moir (the Stephen Gately columnist) and Father John Owen (who says pedophilia is a gay thing) share the honor of winning the Stonewall Bigot of the Year Award.

→ Rep. Tammy Baldwin’s bill to grant benefits to federal employees in same-sex relationships makes it out of one committee, but faces two more — though they might waive jurisdiction. Which means it could go to a vote … by the end of the year?

→ What can we learn from Maine’s defeat? That we need more heteros on our side. Jeremy Hooper: “We have to ensure that we’re effectively speaking to those whose biggest adversary is apathy. In these kinds of referenda, our opposition is going to rally its vast church network for all that it’s worth. We know that. That’s not going to change. And while those of us who have something to lose can for the most part be relied upon to turn up at the polls on election day, there are slews of folks who are with us in spirit, in anecdote, in reality, but who don’t realize the importance of their one vote.”

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→ Former NYT food critic and one-time chubby boy Frank Bruni has sold the rights to his memoir to be developed into a TV project.

→ Gavin Newsom pulls a Mark Sanford.

→ There may have been no transgender witnesses at yesterday’s ENDA hearings, but Oregon Sen. Jeff Merkley included them at his own event.

→ Maryland State Rep. Heather R. Mizeur would really love it if her state would would “become a leader again” and start recognizing same-sex relationships.

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  • terrwill

    Oh please I don’t care if he’s hung like a freakin rasin! Just the fact that its gonna cause Scarah Pallins panties to get all bunched up is well worth it. Plus you can’t deny that he’s a hottie……………

  • Ted B.

    Tiny weinies haven’t stopped Playgirl before, they actually preferred “small” guys for years….

  • Bob R

    Levi, hasn’t signed the contract? I thought it was a done deal and there would be frontal nudity. Wasn’t the shoot scheduled for mid-November? This whole thing may never happen. I think Levi is getting cold feet and if he poses at all, there will be no nudity except maybe a discreet butt shot. Starting to sound like a lot of noise over nothing or at least something very small.

  • jeff y

    It must have been enough for Bristol

  • Dan B

    Like anything else Palin related I wouldn’t expect much.

  • romeo

    he’s majorly cute. Just as long as he shows his butt, I’ll be satisfied. Hope he doesn’t chicken out. Scarah is starting to have some major credibility problems anyway. LOL

  • Bob

    Get over it…the average guy is not hung like a porn star. Gay men know this and most accept their partners regardless of their penis size. It’s women who love to make fun of small guys! Screw them. Who cares what they think. Levi is cute regardless of his size. Maybe porn should become more realistic by showing the average guy!

  • terrwill

    BOB: I learned a long time ago why 99% of the guys in porn have big pee pees: its because they have big pee pees!!!

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