Playing For The Wrong Team

Rene Portland

Penn’s State female basketball player has a problem with her female players. She thinks they’re too butch. Hard to believe but Coach Rene Portland doesn’t want lesbians playing on her team.

Former player Jennifer Harris (who isn’t even a dyke) delivers a boatload of legal papers just in time for Christmas:

Harris, who is black, said in the filing that Portland repeatedly asked her to change her appearance to look more “feminine.”

“In pursuing her discriminatory policy – known as ‘no drinking, no drugs, no lesbians’ – Ms. Portland has particularly targeted players who are African-American,” Harris’ attorneys wrote in the lawsuit.

According to her way of thinking, not only does playing women’s basketball make you a dyke, these days, but so does being African-American! We had no idea! We can all thank Sheryl Swoopes for that one.

Ex-Penn State player suing women’s basketball coach, school [USA Today]