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Please give Ivanka Trump a round of applause for posing for photos with tornado survivors

Ivanka Trump has turned her attention away from sending oatmeal to people in Ukraine to instead focus on handing out styrofoam containers of food to tornado victims in Arabi, Louisiana. But because she is Ivanka Trump, she couldn’t perform the act of charity without crowing about it on social media.

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“On the road with my friends from Mercy Chefs today in New Orleans preparing and serving meals to families whose homes were destroyed by the recent tornadoes,” the former first daughter wrote on Instagram yesterday. “Blessed to join them in these efforts as we pray for the people affected by these tornadoes.”

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She also shared several pictures of herself standing alongside volunteers, as well as photos of the damage done by last week’s tornado. Not included in any of the images were the actual families Ivanka claimed to be serving, which is kinda weird.


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As we’ve said before, it’s nice that she wants to help. But boasting about your own altruism on Instagram is extremely tacky. Not to mention, when you’re worth an estimated $800 million, $640 million of which you made while working in the White House, spending an hour handing out food to tornado victims and posing for photos before jetting off in your private plane feels like the bare minimum.

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In other Ivanka news, the White House announced yesterday that it will not assert executive privilege over her and Jared Kushner’s testimony to the House committee investigating the January 6 insurrection.

According to CNN, Jared is expected to appear before the committee later this week. As for Ivanka, the panel has asked for her cooperation, but she has not yet agreed to an interview.

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