Plotz Kibitzs The Bible


While we’re on the subject of religion, we’d like to point out a project unfolding over at Slate, the ground breaking web magazine so often buried under its thousands of virtual spawns.

While at temple recently, Slate‘s spunky deputy editor, David Plotz (pictured, looking like a nice Jewish boy), who at one point considered himself fairly versed in the verse of the Good Book, discovered a story with which he was unfamiliar.

Shocked and awed, he set off on a re-reading of The Bible and, perhaps blasphemously, decided to blog about his new knowledge. To quell any electronic hatred, he’s quick to say, “My goal is not to find contradictions, mock impossible events, or scoff at hypocrisy.” He’s obviously a better person than us.

He’s up to Deuteronomy, so we’ve got a bunch of catching up to do. And you do, too, heathens.