PM Howard Mum On “Gay Turn” Query

Australian Prime Minister John Howard got a queer surprise this weekend when a ballsy citizen asked him if there’s anyone who could make him “turn gay,” a term we absolutely loath. And, of course, anti-gay Howard seemed to loathe the question, as well…

Via Australia’s

…Jeans shop worker Danielle surprised [Howard] by asking a question posed by television host Rove McManus on his Sunday night chat show.

McManus stalked Mr Howard during the 2004 campaign with an unsuccessful attempt to get him on his program, including getting viewers living on Sydney Harbour to dim their lights en masse in the hopes of getting a wave from the prime ministerial residence of Kirribilli House.

“I’ve got a question for you. I watch Rove, and he said to ask you…” Danielle started as Mr Howard laughed nervously, “… who would you turn gay for?”

Mr Howard continued laughing but made it clear the question was inappropriate.

The red-faced girl acquiesced and agreed with Howard, who’s running for reelection.