PM Howard To Change Gay Course?

John Howard may hold the fate of Australian homos in hands. As politicos and lobbyists gear up for a vote on granting gay couples some of the same rights afforded married straights, “sources” close to the debate say Prime Minister Howard’s vote may be the most important. From Sydney Morning Herald:

…Sources said yesterday the result would most likely swing on the view of the Prime Minister.

John Howard was cited by one source as “being quite supportive” but neither he nor his office would telegraph his view yesterday.

Fears of a Christian voter backlash and personal moral beliefs are motivating those opposed to any change.

Those voters, who have been writing angry letters to Liberal Party backer, Warren Entsch, don’t realize the law doesn’t change that much. Gays will only be given 54 of the same rights, including inheritance rights. There’s no provisions even close to counting as “marriage”. As Entsch says, “It doesn’t change anything. It doesn’t bring marriage into it.”

Howard’s been opposed to piecemeal legislation in the past. Will he change his historically anti-gay ways or do old habits die hard? We don’t know, but we’re on the edge of our collective seat!