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Point And Laugh As Jake Gyllenhaall And Bradley Cooper Audition As “Cher” In Clueless

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Bradley Cooper contemplates firing his agent

Clueless turned 20 last year, and there is seriously no better way to celebrate the teen classic than to watch Jake Gyllenhaal, Bradley Cooper, and Seth Rogen get their Cher on.

Over at The Scene, the Hollywood A-listers took part in the W Magazine webseries “Casting Call with Lynn Hirschberg” and added their best movie star gravitas to Cher’s first big debate scene, where Alicia Silverstone mispronounces “Haitians” and stole our hearts forever.

Gyllenhaal brings some Nightcrawler-esque intensity to the monologue while Bradley Cooper is giving “really, bitch I gotta do this?” realness, but Seth Rogen adds some sly depth to the role.

Watch below, and head here after to compare it with the original, but we must say there was a real missed opportunity to put one of them in some faux fur and a wig to play Amber.

We just know that Gyllenhaal’s “whateverrrrrrr” is to die for.