Pol Denies Drugging Boys In Sex Games

Mark Foley’s got nothing on former Australian MP Milton Orkopoulos!

The disgraced politico was not only been nabbed on possessing kiddie porn in 2006, but also faces allegations that he used drugs – including heroin – to lure teenage boys into sexual misadventures:

…Orkopoulos had pleaded guilty to supplying two students with cannabis on a 2005 visit to Parliament House in Sydney. They had smoked a joint in a parliamentary courtyard.

He has also admitted owning a 19-page pornographic short story, which police found beneath a mattress in his inner-Sydney apartment in raids at the end of 2006.

[Prosecutor Helen Wilson] told the jury they would hear from all three of Orkopoulos’ victims during the four-week trial.

The boys, who are now in their 20s, would give evidence about their drug use with and sexual advances from the former minister when they were aged 15 or 16, the court heard.

Orkopoulos is alleged to have smoked cannabis with one of the victims in his Parliament House office, and used drugs and had sex with another in his Swansea electorate office.

Ms Wilson said he had introduced one boy to heroin, gave him injecting equipment and instructed him how to shoot up.

Orkopoulos had sex with the boy on numerous occasions, once while he lay “crying” in the back seat of a car, she said.

Orkopoulos denies the claims, which include using government money to fund his alleged habit.