Homos Seek Greener, Gayer Pastures, Policies

Poland Faces Gay Drain

The Polish government wants nothing to do with the gays. Education minister Roman Giertych‘s hellbent on squeezing queers out of school programs, the government attempted to ban gay pride (it didn’t work) and President Lech Kaczynski worries faggotry will lead to devastating depopulation.

Considering all this anti-queer sentiment, it comes as no surprise to hear that hordes of homos are vacating Little Britain-hating Poland for Britain.

Robert Biedron of Polish Foundation Against Homophobia tells The Daily Mail:

It is incredible. The Polish gay community has just moved away because of the climate of fear and persecution. Most of the people I know are now in England because of the current political situation. Not for economic reasons, but because of the persecution of homosexuals going on here. It’s impossible for gays to be themselves in Poland. Around two million Poles have left the country seeking work and thousands of gays are joining them. Many gays are approaching our foundation for help in emigrating to the UK.

Good move, too: the police are reportedly compiling a database of the Catholic country’s queers and health minister Marek Grafowski’s plotting a list of “gay traits” so parents can keep an eye on their suspect offspring.

We wonder if Prime Minister and reported closet case Jaroslaw Kaczynski will be making the exodus, as well…