Perp Walk

Police arrest 22-year-old suspect in connection with attack on Austin gay couple

Tristan Perry & Spencer Deerhing

Police have charged 22-year-old Frank Macias with the brutal assault of a couple leaving an Austin gay bar.

According to law enforcement, Macias attacked Spencer Deerhing and Tristan Perry as the couple left a friend’s birthday party at a gay bar on Fourth Street. The couple walked hand-in-hand to their car when a group of men approached them shouting homophobic slurs. The men then attacked Perry, punching him in the face and breaking his nose. As Perry hit the ground, the group began to kick and stomp on him. Deerhing tried to intervene, and the men attacked him as well. A bystander called 911, and both Deerhing and Perry received treatment at a local hospital.

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Deerhing and another witness both identified Macias as one of the men at the scene that night. Police have also identified at least three other suspects. At this time, law enforcement officers have yet to determine if they can bring hate crime charges against Macias. If convicted, he would face an even longer sentence.