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Police chief who called gay people “sick” and “gross” steps down amid sex scandal with subordinate

It looks like Karma has finally placed her call for that police chief who cost her city over $3 million in discrimination lawsuits. 

Sandra Spagnoli was named police chief of Beverly Hills in 2016. During her first three years on the job, over 20 department employees filed civil lawsuits or employment complaints against her.

Spagnoli was accused of all types of professional misconduct, including making derogatory remarks about people’s sexual orientations, religions, and ethnicities, and denying them opportunities because of their identities.

In one lawsuit, Spagnoli was accused of telling a lesbian officer that the thought of what she does with other women “makes me sick.”

Another lawsuit alleged Spagnoli called a different lesbian officer “gross” then said “Don’t let her touch me!” and “Don’t let her get next to me in the [department] photo!”

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Ultimately, the city had to pay out over $3 million in settlements to numerous department employees who had accused Spagnoli of discrimination.

Amazingly, however, she managed to hold onto her job despite the millions of dollars she was costing, not to mention the damage to the department’s reputation.

Until now.

Spagnoli has finally stepped down after yet another lawsuit was lodged against her on March 30. It was filed by officer Scott Dibble, who claims he was denied a promotion several times “because of his refusal to have a sexual relationship with the Chief.”

Spagnoli had been previously accused of similar behavior in a 2018 lawsuit that claimed she had affairs with two subordinates, both of whom received promotions over more experienced officers who were not “banging the chief.”

After the lawsuit was filed March 30, Spagnoli was given the option to either retire or have her employment terminated. She chose to retire. Her last day will be May 15.

In a statement, Spagnoli says, “I am grateful to have served Beverly Hills and proud of the accomplishments over the past four years to keep this world-class community one of the safest in the nation.”

Sounds like it’ll be even safer without her around.

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