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Police Chief Forced Out Over Gay Prostitute Scandal

Rodolfo PalominoThere’s a right way and a wrong way to have sexy fun time with gay sex workers, and Colombian officials seem to have opted for the wrong way.

The situation is a colossal mess right now, and is going to take a long time to unravel. But Colombia’s Investigator General Alejandro Ordonez has launched an investigation into whether top police officials provided male prostitutes for politicians.

Under particular scrutiny is General Rodolfo Palomino, the head of the national police. Ordonez is also investigating Palomino for wiretapping reporters’ phones, and “illicit enrichment,” which sounds like it probably means bribes.

Colombian blogs have accused Palomino of masterminding a gay sex ring, and they’ve been calling it “The Fellowship of the Ring.” Let’s hope the prostitutes kept that theme going by dressing in elfin/wizarding robes for their clients, and also included at least one Hobbit.

According to Ordonez’s office, young police cadets were pressured into having sex with senior officers. If true, that’s a pretty horrible situation — there are plenty of eager young sex workers who would have been happy to do business with high ranking officials. Attitudes toward homosexuality in Colombia are fairly progressive — though not without some controversy.

It’s a little unclear what the evidence for the investigation is. Apparently there was a secret video recording made in 2008, in which a police captain and a senator talk about their preference for gay hookers. That report comes from Fox news, though, so you know how far you should trust it.

While the investigation unfolds, Palomino has resigned … or maybe retired? That’s also unclear, with conflicting news reports. He’s definitely left his post as police chief, though.