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This police chief linked colleague’s covid death to being gay; now he’s looking for a new job

Deputy Sheriff Shannon Bennett and (inset) Davie Police Chief, Dale Engle
Deputy Sheriff Shannon Bennett and (inset) Davie Police Chief, Dale Engle (Photos: Broward Sheriff’s Office and Davie Police)

Dale Engle, former police chief of Davie, Florida, has resigned. Engle had made comments linking a colleague’s death from COVID-19 to homosexuality.

“To say that I have been privileged to proudly serve this Town is an understatement,” Engle wrote in his resignation letter, which he tendered Monday. “I will cherish the past two plus decades of life and work experiences that have helped define my character, life purpose and ultimately developed me into who I am today.”

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NBC reports the Florida police union opened an inquiry into Engle’s actions following complaints from several officers in April. They claimed that Engle launched into a hate-filled tirade over new regulations regarding protections against the coronavirus. During the same rant, Engle mentioned the death of Deputy Shannon Bennett, an officer who had died that same week. Engle said Bennett was a “homosexual who attended homosexual events.” Bennett had served on the force 12 years.

The complaining officers said they took Engle’s remarks to mean that Bennett’s homosexuality somehow worsened the effects of COVID-19.

Engle was placed on administrative leave pending an investigation. A spokesperson for the city of Davie says the investigation is still ongoing.