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Police Don’t Appreciate Trans Woman Going Around Giving Ladies Breast Exams In Bars

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Kristina Brittany Ross, a 37-year-old trans Boise woman, was arrested after two women complained to police she performed breast health exams on them at different bars in unrelated incidents. I’m not sure who’s crazier: Ross, or women getting breast health exams at bars.

Ross appears to have used her medical knowledge from her own gender reassignment to convince the women of her medical prowess. She claimed to be a licensed plastic surgeon, the women said, and offered the phone number of a real plastic surgeon (her own?) to fool them. Department of Corrections records show she was arrested and served time for charges including petty theft and aggravated assault, and have listed her as both a man named Kristoffer Jon Ross and MTF trasngender inmate while serving time at a men’s prison. She was booked as a woman this time around.

Terribly, the prosecutor at Ross’ hearings says that not only was Ross passing herself as a real doctor, but she was a “male touching a female’s breast under the guise of being a female doctor.”

Going by the name “Dr. Berlyn Aussieahshowna,” Ross allegedly met the women on multiple occasions. My rule of thumb: No stethoscope = not a real doctor. [MSNBC; Fox 12 Idaho]