Police In Lebanon Use Horrific Anal Exam To Test For Homosexuality

330807_img650x420_img650x420_cropGay men, take heed. You might want to stay out of Lebanon for a while.

Five men claim they were forced to endure a painful and degrading homosexuality “test” under order of Lebanese police. The test, which was conducted by an unnamed doctor and has been described as “torturous” and “akin to rape,” involved having an egg-shaped metal object forcibly shoved up their rectums against their wills.

According to Nizar Saghieh, a lawyer and editor of the Lebanese rights publication Legal Agenda, said that aside from being suspected of homosexuality, the men had not committed any other crimes.

“We are asking the Order of Physicians to sue [the doctor] for professional misconduct,” Saghieh told The Daily Star.

In 2012, the “test” was deemed ineffective and in violation of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights by the Human Rights Watch after Lebanese police used it against 35 men detained after a raid on a porn theater in Burj Hammoud in July 2012.

So why is it still being used?

Authorities are not commenting.

Saghieh added that there may be more unreported cases, telling press: “I cannot exclude the possibility.”

Lebanon, of course, is notoriously awful towards its gay people. The country also has no laws whatsoever protecting them from discrimination. Earlier this year, a judge ruled in favor of invalidating a penal code to prosecute homosexual activities, but the situation is still unclear. Gay marriage, recognition of same-sex couples, gay adoption, and joint adoption are all illegal. Gay and lesbians are also forbidden from serving in the military. And the list goes on and on.

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