Police Interrupt Gay Pride In Dominican Republic Because Marchers Used Flag

Police in the Dominican Republic halted the Caribbean nation’s Pride march on July 1 because marchers were waving the Dominican flag, according to Gay Star News.

At the start of the event, participants were told they could not carry rainbow flags made to look like the official flag of Dominican Republic, the site of the first European settlement in the Western Hemisphere. But as video provided by rights group Imagenes Dominicanas indicates, authorities stopped the marchers again, telling them to put away legitimate Dominican flags as well.

“Nobody can keep us from using our flag in an event that is meant to defend our human rights because it would be like teling is we are not Dominicans. We are Dominicans!”, activist David Ventura told cops.

Of course the officers didn’t have a solid reason why Ventura and the others couldn’t carry the flag, so they relented. GSN reports the march concluded with an evening concert attended by hundreds of supporters.