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Police officers strip naked at gay club and their bosses aren’t happy

For once it’s the police officers who’ve been issued a stern warning, and an odd one at that: Stop going full monty at the gay club!!

Apparently some Met police officers have been spending their off-duty hours baring it all at London club G-A-Y’s weekly stripping competition, and their bosses aren’t thrilled.

Police officials have warned the officers to quit it with the public nudity, saying it would be “awkward” when they have to return to the venue on official duty.

Officers at the Central West Basic Command Unit (BCU) were further warned that “CCTV would be viewed and officers spoken to” should they participate going forward, and now we can’t get the image of a bunch of irritated cops huddled around a video of amateur, gay strippers.

“It makes it awkward for the staff at the location to then have to deal with you when you are next on shift attending the venue to carry out official duties,” West End police said in an email, according to The Times.

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A police spokesperson noted that no laws have been violated, but that officers need to “uphold standards while off duty.”

“An inspector from the West End Proactive Partnership Team has sent an email to staff within the Met’s Central West BCU after a matter was reported to the Met’s Licensing officers,” the spokesperson said, adding:

“There is no suggestion of any unlawful act having taken place.

“However, officers were reminded of the need to uphold standards while off duty, especially when identifying themselves as police officers.”

The Met force has faced recent, widespread criticism after a police watchdog report found numerous incidents of misogyny, racism and homophobia among its officers.

It’s not a huge surprise that they’d want to avoid the possibility of a stripper scandal on top of everything else.