Police Plan To Arrest Satanists That Made Fred Phelps’ Mother “Gay Forever”

lucienPolice in Meridian, Mississippi are not amused by the recent “Pink Mass” ceremony conducted at the gravesite of Catherine Johnston, Westboro Baptist Church founder Fred Phelps’ mother, and are preparing to arrest members of the New York-based Satanic Temple that took part in it.

Earlier this month, the group performed the controversial ritual in protest of the WBC’s anti-gay agenda. After reciting an incantation while same-sex couples kissed and “expressed love” over the gravesite, Temple spokesman Lucien Greaves said the deceased had been turned “gay forever” and would “be pleasured in the afterlife” every time a same-sex couple returned to the gravesite for a makeout sesh.

Add Magnolia Cemetery owner Bill Arlinghaus to the list of people offended by the ritual. According to WTOK-TV, he’s looking to press charges against the group for “trespassing” on his property, which at the time was open to the public. “It is an unusual crime that we haven’t come across to my knowledge in awhile,” said Captain Dean Harper of the Meridian Police Department. “Not only does it violate a state and city ordinance, but it also violates the moral decency of a human being.”

He’s also seeking charges for indecent exposure and malicious mischief, which likely could have been avoided if Greaves hadn’t been photographed laying his penis on the gravestone in broad daylight (link NSFW). Whoops!

In a phone interview with HuffPo on Monday, Greaves said his group had “no ill will at all” and “regrets if they caused any consternation.” No word yet on whether the group has raised enough funds to to participate in NYC’s Adopt-A-Highway program, but we hope they’re close because Lucien Greaves is pretty hot, and we wouldn’t mind a photo of him teabagging the West Side Highway.