Police Refuse To Investigate Death Of Gay Man Found Naked And Covered In Blood

Benny-LongoriaHere’s a story that raises eyebrows at every turn.

40-year-old Benny Longoria was found dead by a friend in his Tulsa, OK apartment on June 20. He was stripped naked, and blood was spattered throughout the home. Seems like murder investigation 101.

Except that police seem intent on sweeping the whole thing under the rug.

The first puzzling bit is the fact that it took authorities over a month to notify Benny’s family. A month.

And the red flags just keep on coming. No autopsy was performed, reportedly because police immediately cremated the body due to Benny’s HIV-positive status. Which just seems very, very wrong.

But the most troubling part is that police insist Benny died of “natural causes” and are refusing to open a suspicious death investigation. A claim they say was determined when Dr. Frances Haas examined the body.

Except that Dr. Haas told activist C.d. Kirven that he never performed an examination, and does not know how Benny died.

The activist, who is working on behalf of Benny’s family and friends, then got in touch with Sgt. Walker of the Tulsa Police Homicide Division, and reports:

“…he will never allow Benny Longoria’s death to be investigated. I pointed out that no autopsy was performed and that Benny Longoria’s doctor did not support the police department’s statements on cause of death, and then asked what medical training Officer Brad Sheryl had that allowed him to determine as cause of death in this case. That’s when Sgt. Walker hung up on me.

Benny’s family is now waiting for a response from the Police Chief’s office on the status of the investigation request in light of media coverage.

h/t Dallas Voice