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Polis tells LGBTs to Take a Chill Pill on the Obama Bashing

Openly gay Congressmen (one of the four, not that we are counting) Jared Polis says that the homosexuals (et al.) at Netroots Nation need to take a serious chill pill when it comes to Obama bashing.

On Saturday he told the Huffington Post that Obama is “the best president this country has ever had on LGBT issues” and that “[Gay Americans] have never had anything close to this much of an advocate in the White House.”

Is Polis right? Can you name another President with a better record on LGBT issues then President Obama? Yes, he hasn’t been the sweeping-full-equality president to date that we’d all longed for. But does anyone, Polis asks, really think he would have been elected President if he ran on a marriage equality platform back in 2008?

President Obama already has evolved in his first term from an opponent of same-sex marriage to one who will  no longer defend the odious, indefensible DOMA. Is it possible that he will evolve further? The New York Times suggests he may even run on a marriage equality platform during his re-election campaign.

Perhaps a chill pill is indeed exactly what we need. Or, perhaps, ingesting too many pills would cause the White House to take us for granted.

What do you think?

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