Polish Deputy PM Seeks Pure Europe

Perhaps Poland’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Education Roman Giertych (pictured, looking charming) and Moscow Mayor Yury Luzhkov can be friends. They’re both European, they’re both politicians and they’re both adamantly anti-gay. You may recall Luzhkov came under fire and brimstone after referring to faggotry as “satanic”.

For his part, the Catholic Giertych told a group of EU education ministers that he wants abortion and homosexuality banned from the entire continent:

If we will not use all our power to strengthen the family, then as a continent there is not future for us. We will be a continent settled by representatives of the Islamic world who care for the family.

Europe needs changes. Abortion must be banned immediately…Homosexual propaganda must also be limited so children will have the correct view of the family.

No wonder the Polish teacher’s union’s been calling for his head.