Polish Grocer Called “Male Bitch,” By Manager Wins Discrimination Suit

A Polish gay man was won a substantial settlement after suing his employer for discrimination based on sexual orientation.

Polski Radio reports that, last week, supermarket chain Netto was ordered to pay cashier Ireneusz Muzalski of Slubice 18,000 zloty (about $5,770) because his supervisor subjected him to a steady stream of anti-gay slurs.

Muzalski, 44, recounted the verbal abuse he routinely received: “He called me a male bitch and a whore in front of fellow employees and customers. He asked how it was possible that the firm employed such a faggot—and in the end he fired me.”

The manager denied the allegations, but the court sided with Muzalski.

“The sum of compensation is one of the highest that Polish courts have granted to victims of discrimination based on sexual orientation,” said civil rights lawyer Monika Wieczorek. “And he is one few such winners—victims rarely seek justice in the courts.”

 Photo: Artur Lion