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Polish High Schoolers Still Being Taught Homosexuality Is Curable

And the gays want to change that. But don’t expect the Polish government, most recently led by now-dead homophobe President Lech Kaczynski, to raise a finger: It’s “shrugged off the complaint” from the Association for Diversity, which wanted officials to remove the book — one of two authorized in sex ed classes — from schools. That’s just a wee bit different from, say, the Netherlands, which is moving to include same-sex couples (as normal people!) in school textbooks.

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    And I try so very hard to avoid those Polish jokes……… :p

  • Dan

    There’s a reason why the Nazis built large concentration camps in Poland to quietly ship countless souls to their deaths. Sad the Polish government has changed little since they helped mass-murder so many people. It’s like very-homophobic Lithuania and Latvia which both supplied many of the SS troopers – little has changed.

  • Tallskin

    @Dan, you are talking out of your dumb yank arse about Poland. How fucking dare you say that! Poland was invaded and occupied and millions of its people starved and murdered as slavic subhumans by the occupying nazis.

    The poor bloody poles had little choice about the concentration/extermination camps built there.

    Do you know anything about history?? Obviously not, cos to make such stupid comments you must be american.

    And whilst modern day poland is certainly homophobic compared to Western Europe, (but not compared to Russia) I don’t see that the USA is much more enlightened: are you seriously telling me that schoolkids in many parts of the USA are not taught that being gay can be cured?

    And remember that most stupid citizens of the USA believe that evolution didn’t happen and that some sky pixie created the world 6,000 years ago and lay the dinosaur fossil record down as a test.

    The poles don’t believe that shit. Only yanks believe that. Not even muslims believe the world was created 6,000 years ago.

  • Mike


    Actually the Qur’an | Koran (however you want to spell/pronounce it) when interpreted literally does believe in the Creation of the Earth. Text in Arabic is considered literally the Word Of God as revealed to Muhammed through the angel Gabriel.

    However we must take into account that the arabic word Youm can be interpreted as DAY and also interpreted as “any stage or period of time”.

    Therefore while the literal observation is that Muslims belive in the 6 day creation myth, the acceptable observation is that those 6 “days” could be 6 billion years.

    Remember that just as some Christian groups believe literally in the words of the Bible and observations by priest so do some Muslim groups also believe literally the Qur’an and its interpretaions by scholars.

  • Tallskin

    @Mike, I said: “Not even muslims believe the world was created 6,000 years ago.”

    I am fully aware muslims believe that a sky pixie created the world, and all the life on the surface of the earth. But not even they are so dumb as to believe their sky pixie created the world a few thousand years ago!

    You say: “Remember that just as some Christian groups believe literally in the words of the Bible and observations by priest so do some Muslim groups also believe literally the Qur’an and its interpretaions by scholars.”

    Yes, thanks, I do know this! I argue sufficiently frequently with the dumb fucks to know what they believe!

  • Baxter

    @Dan: You might want to read a history book someday. Not only did the Polish government not cooperate with the Germans (they never even surrendered), but the Poles also had one of the strongest resistance movements in Europe.

  • Dan

    Actually Denmark had the greatest resistance – when ordered under German occupation to put yellow stars on their Jews, the entire Danish population put on yellow stars, including all the children, to hide the Jewish population among the non-Jews. Ultimately Denmark rescued nearly all their Jews by transporting them secretly across land then by boat to Sweden.

    You might want to open a current history book and read up on the more than a quarter of a million Polish spies and collaborators who worked for Germany. Also, visit the camps in Poland. They readily admit that people in the surrounding communities knew what was going on and did nothing. The resistance in Poland had to fight so hard because so many citizens turned traitors and helped the Germans. Sad but true. And don’t even get started on what the clergy did.

  • Queer Supremacist

    From Nazism to Communism to Catholicism, Poland has long been oppressed by one evil regime after another.

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