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Polish Lawmaker Robert Wegrzyn Won’t Joke Again About Being Hot For Lesbians

Robert Wegrzyn, the Polish lawmaker, insists he was just trying to be funny when, responding to a reporter’s questions about gay unions during a live interview, he said, “We can forget about gay men [having the right to mary], but I would gladly watch lesbians.” That got The Gays and The Women upset. Wegrzyn, who is married (to a woman) and has two children, now says he is “sorry if this joke insulted anybody because it really could have sounded sexist. That was not my intention. My views on relationships between two people are unchanging and conservative but this does not mean I am a homophobe or discriminate against anybody. I oppose discrimination against anybody on grounds of sexual orientation.” He was wristslapped with a £400 fine and formal reprimand. Is Wegrzyn a schmuck for thinking he can “oppose discrimination” while discriminating against gay marriage? Sure. Is he a schmuck for thinking elected officials like he should be making jokes about sexuality? Yep. Do my straight male friends make similar lighthearted jokes about the enjoyment they receive watching two women get intimate? Yes — and it’s perfectly okay to LOL at it. Because there’s a difference between endorsing discrimination (which Wegrzyn does) and chuckling about the nuances of sexuality.