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‘Polish Viking’ Pawel Ladziak is one hell of a thirst trap

Meet Pawl Ladziak. He’s the silver-haired, buff-bodied, “Polish Viking” currently blowing up Instagram with his oh-so-steamy posts.

One of his latest includes a side-by-side image of himself in 2007 and today and proves that men really do get better with time:

What a different 10 years makes!

He also posted this:

On the left in the picture I was dreaming about what I have now. Today I know that 10 years of hard work was worth it. ?? 2007-2017

A post shared by Pawel Ladziak – Polish Viking® (@pavel_ladziak) on

And this:

Is it hot in here, or is it just us?

Check out more photos of Pawel showing off all of his hard work…

No filter, no make-up ? Here I'm completely natural… Just real life ?

A post shared by Pawel Ladziak – Polish Viking® (@pavel_ladziak) on

Mi??nie nabite i gotowe na majówk? ale gdzie jest s?o?ce ????

A post shared by Pawel Ladziak – Polish Viking® (@pavel_ladziak) on

That selfie costed me ALMOST a speedcam ticket… ? Living on the edge! ?

A post shared by Pawel Ladziak – Polish Viking® (@pavel_ladziak) on

Bez opisu… czekam na wasz opis ??

A post shared by Pawel Ladziak – Polish Viking® (@pavel_ladziak) on

Just I'm happy and please don't comment. Sometimes everyone must to sin. ?

A post shared by Pawel Ladziak – Polish Viking® (@pavel_ladziak) on

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  • bradford44444

    Nope. At least in 2007 he looked kind of normal. Yikes. I need a new blog.

    • Smith David

      Are you serious? He looks amazing. Good for him.

  • Paco

    I prefer the before picture when he didn’t look like some fetish clone.


    . “I’ll never surrender because I don’t want go back! .” Wow you (and the dodgy drug industry) have accomplished so much. What a hero

    #vain shallow idiot


    Whats with these pricks and their shamellesly self-congratulatory cringe hashtags?


      Shamelessly *

  • ingyaom

    I’ll take “before”, too.

  • calpoidog

    “No filter, no make-up ? Here I’m completely natural… Just real life”

    I guess if steroids and/or HGF are “natural” ….

  • Prax07

    I’d take the before as well. I like normal body types, not overly processed gym bunnies.

  • tdh1980

    Third Instagram post down, left photo: yes, please. As I’ve said in comments to recent posts like this one, I commend people who commit themselves to this type of transformation — if it is what makes them genuinely happy — but muscles ain’t everything and don’t necessarily make someone more attractive.

  • RomanHans

    Let the chest hair grow back and stop looking in the mirror for a minute or two and I’ll think about it.

    • o.codone

      Hahahhaa. So true. It’s not a transformation if you get rid of the hair. Give me some fur. That said, the anabolic steroid, Anavar is used by many gym guys to buff up. It’s low potency and has few side effects, so it’s very popular. Sure he looks nice, but there’s no way that’s natural. Now put all that to good use daddy and fu*ck me hard.

  • am

    The guy is not even 40 years old, but looks kinda old already. He is obviously on steroids, has a girlfriend (or is it his wife?), and probably is totally anti-gay as is the vast majority of Poles. Still he is “an inspiration” for people in Queerty. Brilliant, as ever!

  • duje_buric

    These are all steroids… What a transformation!!! You’ll see f…ing transformation when he picks up testicular or liver cancer and when his balls shrink!!!

  • Dave in Northridge

    Yeah. I liked the “before” too. What’s with the Western World that we encourage stuff like this anyhow?

    • throwslikeagirl

      Agreed. Any chemical enhancement has to be at least somewhat bad. BTW, I’m a Dave in Northridge, too! Are you in Northridge, CA?

  • ErikO

    Viking? This guy is a roided out mess and looks better before he took any of the steroids and other drugs.

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