Georgetown Student Held In Peer Pummeling

Political Scion Arrested In Anti-Gay Assault

DC Coppers nabbed 19-year old Georgetown student Philip Anderton Cooney for his reported role in the assault of another unidentified student.

If Cooney’s name sounds familiar, you’re probably thinking of his father, Phil Cooney, who worked as President Bush’s crooked Environmental Quality honcho.

The younger Cooney, meanwhile, allegedly flung anti-gay epithets and fists at a peer last week. DC’s NBC affiliate reports:

Police Chief Cathy Lanier announced that Phillip Anderton Cooney was arrested in connection with the early morning Sept. 9 attack in the 1400 block of 36th Street Northwest. The 19-year-old student from Texas is charged with assaulting the victim while yelling homophobic slurs.

The case was flagged as a potential hate crime based on the victim’s sexual orientation, and members of the police department’s Gay and Lesbian Liaison Unit were assigned.

“The victim said he was walking by a party that was dispersing and two men started following him and yelling homophobic epithets, “D.C. Police Lt. Alberto Jova said. “One of the males approached him and started punching him with closed fists about the face. The victim in this case suffered cuts and bruises to his face and a broken thumb.”

Perhaps it’s Cooney’s political connections that led Georgetown to play down the assault?