Politician “Hurt” By Gay “Insult”

This may be perhaps one of the most irksome and utterly ridiculous things we’ve ever heard. Trinidad and Tobago politician Basdeo Panday says that of all the nasty names people have called him, “homosexual” counts as the worst:

Over the 40 years they have called me all kinds of things. They have called me rogue and rascal and vagabond and this and that. That doesn’t bother me because I know they are lying. But the one that really hurt me is when they called me a homosexual.

“And you know why that hurt me? Because I know I love women so much.

The audience roared with laughter. We would, too, if we weren’t so repulsed. Although, we have to admit, we feel a bit bad for Panday. Imagine how hurt his feelings would be hurt if he were gay. “Fag, shit sticker and abomination” can really grate on the self-esteem.