Politician Outs Himself As A Poppers User During Debate

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While the U.S. media toils away at important issues like Sarah Palin’s SNL-ready Trump endorsement and Hillary’s emails, a different, arguably much more impactful debate rushes (see what we did there?) on in Britain regarding, of all things, poppers.

Are they dangerous? Should they be illegal? Will they kill me?

In short — not really, no and no. Just don’t drink it like these stupid, stupid kids.

But facts haven’t stopped some in the British government from trying to lump the little bottles of amyl nitrate in with crystal methamphetamine, GHB and mephedrone in an attempt to address the growing “chemsex” scene among gay men.

The topic is worthy of serious discussion despite the giggle-inducing notion of proper British politicians discussing poppers in the House of Commons.

And Crispin Blunt, the Conservative MP for Reigate, did just that, saying, “I use poppers. I out myself as a poppers user. And would be directly affected by this legislation. And I was astonished to find that it’s proposed they be banned and, frankly, so were very many gay men.”

Watch below, and try to imagine a U.S. politician being this candid about his personal life:

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