Gay Part of Whole

Politico Admits Homo Hunger

Hungarian politico Gábor Szetey grabbed some ink after coming out at Budapest’s queer film fest.

Opening the 12th annual event, the politico passionately declared,

My name is Gábor Szetey. I am the personnel state secretary of the government of the Republic of Hungary. I believe in God, love, freedom and equality. I am Hungarian and European. I am an economist and a personnel leader. I am a partner, a friend, sometimes an opponent. And I am gay.

Socialist Szetey’s announcement came the same day Alliance of Free Democrats announced their forthcoming push for same-sex marriage.

The future of a free, democratic, European state is only secure if it is capable of guaranteeing the right to an inviolable private life and individual happiness for every citizen.

One of Europe’s most gay friendly nations, Hungary decriminalized faggotry back in 1961 (and then amended the age of consent laws in 1978) but, like the rest of the world, same-sex marriage remains one of the most contentious political issues. Speaking with regard to nuptial policy, on Wednesday, Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsány said on Wednesday, “One of the most delicate social questions is how we adapt to changes.” Conservative opponents, aren’t feeling so delicate. Opposition politico Viktor Orbán calls gay marriage a “foreign” idea. Political peers Movement for a Free Hungary, meanwhile, plans to protests tomorrow’s gay pride parade.