Politico Calls For Help In Securing Trans Inclusion

Politicos in Kansas City, Missouri seem poised for progress.

Councilperson Beth Gottstein informs us that she and her colleagues voted unanimously yesterday to include gender identity in the city’s non-discrimination policy.

A Kansas City Star article, however, has got Gottstein worried about a sudden rise in conservative opposition.

Gottstein’s got a right to be scared – just take a look at the article’s coded language:

A council committee Wednesday recommended including individuals who either have or are undergoing a sex change as a protected class from discrimination in employment, housing or public accommodations. The measure appears to have enough votes to ensure passage.

“Protected class” speaks directly to social conservatives, who situate their exclusionary activism against gays’ calls for “special rights.” Gottstein’s requesting tat equality-minded readers send their support to the city council ([email protected]) and Mayor Mark Funkhouser ([email protected]) by 1pm central time today.

It’s worth noting that Funkhouser totally backs the bill, telling The Star, “Perhaps it was an oversight that gender identity was not included in the original legislation. If so, it was a mistake that we must now right. The rights protected by these laws ought to be extended to all people.”