Chides "Homophobia"

Politico Pisses On Peers

MP Hazel Blears, who hopes to help head Britain’s Labour Party, criticized The Tories’ apparent homophobia. According to a survey taken by activists, one-third of British Parliamentarians would not attend a same-sex union, even if asked by a friend, say UK Gay News. Blears blasted:

This is astonishing. One third of Conservatives would snub a friend’s invitation to a Civil Partnership, and the only possible explanation is homophobia.

David Cameron has failed to change the Tory Party. Underneath the gloss, is the same old right-wing Tory Party which brought in Section 28.

The since repealed Section 28 prohibited public figures and authorities from publishing or promoting “material with the intention of promoting homosexuality”.

Do you think this picture of Biker Blears counts?

Like a good politician, Blears took some time to highlight her homo-friendly past:

As well as voting in parliament for all the measures the Government has introduced to advance rights for LGBT people, as a Home Office Minister I oversaw the government making homophobic attacks a recordable offence. This has made a considerable difference and is something I am proud to have on my record.

Though Britain’s made great strides in recent years, Blears insists there’s still much to be done, particularly with regard to trans rights, hate crimes convictions and immigration law.