Mayor Not Amused

Politico Quits After Posting Anti-Everything Joke

A Dacono, Colorado councilwoman resigned in “protest” this week after posting an offensive joke online.

Mayor Wade Carlson asked Sandra Tucker to remove the not-so-knee slapper from a community posting board, but she refused, saying such a request violated her first amendment rights. She later resigned. Here’s the gist of the joke:

The page-long joke, posted by councilwoman Sandra Tucker, described the tale of a white male who has a “nightmare” in which he wakes up to discover that he has “been turned” black, gay, Jewish and disabled. The joke uses terms such as “negro,” “queer” and “fairy,” and also pokes fun at orphans, Mexicans, Jews, HIV-positive patients, drug addicts and those with physical disabilities.

The punch line of the joke comes when the person having the nightmare also finds out he is a Democrat, a “fate worse” than all the rest.

Meh, we think being an ignorant cooze would be the worst fate, but what do we know?