Politico Sues For Gay “Defamation”

Philadelphia city councilman Jack Kelly sure is touchy about being associated with the gays:

Kelly has sued Paul D. Corbett and Corbett’s loosely-assembled group, Citizens Opposed to Politicians Who Pander to Perverts, for defamation. Kelly field suit last month in Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas, asking at least $50,000 in damages.

Kelly, who is paying his own legal fees in the case, argues that fellow Republican Corbett and other members of COPPP “publicly and privately embarrassed and shamed” him by distributing fliers in church parking lots in the weeks before the November election.

The fliers announced that “Councilman Kelly voted with the homosexual lobby to remove the Boy Scouts from their city rent-free headquarters. The Scouts can remain only if they agree with the homosexual agenda which would promote sodomy to our youth.”

Kelly and fifteen other politicos voted to up the Boy Scouts’ rent because city lawyers found they could not grant preferential treatment to a group that discriminates.