Politico’s Gay Switch Spurred Opponents

Republican Jerry Sanders earned gay love when he came out against for gay marriage last year. The mayor of San Diego, once a stalwart conservative, switched ideological teams because, as he said, he could not betray his lesbian daughter.

Right wingers were livid, of course, and Sanders’ decision only fueled their anti-gay fire:

While some viewed the mayor’s decision as moving and heartfelt, others were outraged.

It turned out to be the boost Protect Marriage needed.

A few weeks later, about 200 pastors gathered in San Diego County to “respond to the mayor’s about-face,” according to Skyline’s pastor Jim Garlow.

The pastors began energetically collecting signatures to get Proposition 8 on the ballot. Led by their effort, Protect Marriage coalition members said, the coalition amassed half a million.

The goods news is that a slim majority of California voters oppose Proposition 8, which would reverse the state Supreme Court’s earlier decision to legalize gay marriage.