Politico’s Gay Switch Spurred Opponents

Republican Jerry Sanders earned gay love when he came out against for gay marriage last year. The mayor of San Diego, once a stalwart conservative, switched ideological teams because, as he said, he could not betray his lesbian daughter.

Right wingers were livid, of course, and Sanders’ decision only fueled their anti-gay fire:

While some viewed the mayor’s decision as moving and heartfelt, others were outraged.

It turned out to be the boost Protect Marriage needed.

A few weeks later, about 200 pastors gathered in San Diego County to “respond to the mayor’s about-face,” according to Skyline’s pastor Jim Garlow.

The pastors began energetically collecting signatures to get Proposition 8 on the ballot. Led by their effort, Protect Marriage coalition members said, the coalition amassed half a million.

The goods news is that a slim majority of California voters oppose Proposition 8, which would reverse the state Supreme Court’s earlier decision to legalize gay marriage.

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  • Jamie

    Proofread your first sentence.

  • B

    I think you mean when Jerry Sanders came out FOR gay marriage, not against.

  • michael

    My partner and I are going to San Fran later this month. We have a lot of good friends who are straight and we will be asking them to
    ask their straight friends to vote to keep marriage legal. I encourage everyone who can to do the same. Because there might be a lot of people out there that just need some sort of personal connection to a gay person, even if its once or twice removed to help them pull the right lever.

  • C

    “A Synopsis of Proposition 8 reads” :-Also known as the Limit on Marriage Amendment or the California Marriage Protection Act,
    This is an initiative measure proposed for the 2008 California General Election ballot that, if passed, would amend the California State Constitution to prohibit same-sex marriage.

    Come on Qeerty Editors, Proof read what is written — I would refer you to your article’s last paragraph and sentence !!——-change the word REVERSE. ———-My understanding is also that “A Slim Majority” is opposed to Proposition 8 !!—–

    By this contradictory mistake and those previously written and now corrected, it would appear to most people, that this article was originally written as a SPOOF by the CONSERVATIVE, RIGHT-WING CHURCH PRESS !!.

  • PJ

    Jerry Sanders proves that bigots CAN be rehabilitated. Dick Cheney could learn something from this man.

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