POLL: 16% Of Russians Say Gays Should Be Quarantined, 5% Say They Should Be “Eradicated”

russian-militaryWhile much of the world seems to be warming up to the LGBT community, things in Russia are worse now then they were a decade ago.

A survey conducted by the Levada Center revealed that 85% of Russians opposed same-sex marriage (no shock there). A whopping 34% of respondents think homosexuality is a disease, with 22% believing gays and lesbians should be subject to compulsory treatment for their affliction.

Researchers interviewed more than 1,600 people from across the country, and only  23% of respondents felt that gay people should just be left alone—a decline of 7% from 2005, when a similar survey was conducted.

Even more disturbing is that 16% of Russians think gays should be isolated from society, and 5% of respondents think they should be “eradicated.”

Hmm, maybe that’s why 89% of Russians say they don’t personally know any gay people. Faced with hatred like that, we’d keep a low profile, too.



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